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At Shepherds Hospitals, we have a dedicated team of orthopedists, pain management experts, and rehabilitation specialists who provide comprehensive bone, joint, and spine solutions.

Bone, joint, and spine pain is a problem most people will experience as they get older. Our bones, muscles, and joints take a lot of wear and tear over the course of our lives. Eventually, the strain can take its toll. Thankfully, medicine has come a long way in finding solutions to these problems.

Our bone, joint, and spine services include:

Orthopedics – We provide surgical and non-surgical treatments for arthritis, fractures, strains, sprains, and more. Our team always explores the least invasive treatment methods before
considering surgery.

Pain Management – Sometimes the source of pain cannot be treated right away, but there are still treatments that can help ease your discomfort. We offer a variety of non-narcotic treatment options for all types of pains. Treatments include injections, nerve blocks, epidurals, and radio frequency ablation.

Rehabilitation Services – Recovering from aches and pains is not always a one-and-don treatment. We provide physical therapy to help patients improve their quality of life.

Personalizing Treatment to Fit Your Needs

Bone, joint, and spine conditions can prevent you from enjoying hobbies or going to work. At Shepherds Hospitals, our team creates personalized treatment plans to meet your unique goals. We know that the first priority for many people is getting back to their regular activities. If you work a computer job and are having trouble typing, we will keep that goal in mind as treatment proceeds. The same can be said if you are an athlete who can no longer train the same way or a factory worker who is having trouble lifting heavy objects. What matters to you matters to us.
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