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From support groups to education, we believe in continuing health and wellness information for the entire community.


To provide better organization within our community, Shepherds Hospital has developed a calendar that features the dates of classes, support groups, events, and health screenings. Feel free to browse all the exciting events coming up!


Shepherds Hospitals offer a variety of educational classes throughout the year, including first aid courses and Lamaze classes. We encourage healthcare education in the community and teach valuable life skills for all ages.

Support Groups

We offer support groups for many of life’s challenges including groups for bereavement, cancer, and caregivers. Support from family and friends can be incredibly helpful in times of need, which is why we established these groups for extra assistance.

We sponsor many different events throughout the year including health information seminars, visits from specialty providers, and holiday events. Check out our events calendar to find the event that appeals to you!

Health Screenings

Our “We Care 4 U” complete health screenings are offered periodically. These screenings include lung, heart, diabetes, and osteoporosis/ bone. The screenings help assess your overall health and are offered at a discounted rate. Our health screenings are primarily preventative and use state-of-the-art equipment.

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