Emergency Care

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The Shepherds Emergency Care unit is equipped with state of the art technology equipment and highly trained paramedics.

How it Works

No one appreciates the importance of time more than the Emergency Services team at Shepherds Hospitals. When care is the most critical, we are here for you with providers on staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Life-threatening conditions can’t wait—and neither will you. With faster registration and quicker access, Shepherds Hospitals will get you more of the care you need

What to Expect

A physician serves as medical director to oversee the department and supervise the emergency room doctors. A registered nurse serves as the Critical Care Manager supervising the ER nurses and technicians. We also have an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Coordinator, who serves as a liaison between the hospital and our local ambulance service.

We offer support groups for many of life’s challenges including groups for bereavement, cancer, and caregivers. Support from family and friends can be incredibly helpful in times of need, which is why we established these groups for extra assistance.

We sponsor many different events throughout the year including health information seminars, visits from specialty providers, and holiday events. Check out our events calendar to find the event that appeals to you!

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